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With 25 years of experience, B&L Chocolates specializes in producing traditional and innovative machinery for the chocolate industry. We excel in moulding and depositing chocolate into a variety of shapes, including blocks, drops, tablets, bars, and pralines, with delicious fillings such as nuts, fruits, and caramel. Our advanced technology also features specialized depositors for ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, and croquant, along with equipment for cooking and forming croquant. Roasting/caramelizing nuts/crumb and the forming of vermicelli on standalone and fully automatic lines are also part of our comprehensive solutions.
Tablet moulding lines

Exciting News: B&L Chocolate Acquired by Orangeworks

Oss, Netherlands – May 21st, 2024 – Orangeworks, a global leader in confectionary food processing technology, is excited to announce its acquisition of Böhnke & Luckau technology (B&L Chocolate), a respected name in chocolate industry machinery. This strategic move comes four years after Orangeworks’ successful acquisition of Tanis Food Tec, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the confectionery sector.
“Bringing together the leading technology in cream aeration; the sweetness of marshmallow with the richness of chocolate, this acquisition marks a perfect blend of expertise and innovation,” expressed Mirjam van Dijk, Chief Commercial Officer of Orangeworks. “With the integration, innovation, and internationalization of Orangeworks and Tanis Food Tec, we have seen how synergy in only a few years can lead to a growing trust of our global customers which has resulted in an explosive growth of both Orangeworks and Tanis Food Tec. We have full confidence that the acquisition of the technology of Böhnke & Luckau, will give the next boost to our growing company.”

Our B&L Chocolate portfolio

One-Shot Molding Lines
One-Shot Moulding Lines
Fill chocolate pieces in one step, creating pralines, tablets, bottles, balls, and more, with fillings like cream, caramel, fondant, chocolate, nougat, and nuts. Capacity: 300 to 3000 kg/h.
Shell Molding Lines
Shell Moulding Lines
Produce stable chocolate shells of adjustable thickness, filled with various masses or inclusions. Options include book molds for filled and hollow figures. Capacity: 300 to 1500 kg/h.
Block Molding Lines
Block Moulding Lines
Deposit large blocks of chocolate up to 5 kg with precise weight control and gentle cooling to prevent fat bloom. Capacity: 300 to 2500 kg/h.
Drops/Button Lines
Drops/Button Lines
Deposit chocolate or compound drops/buttons on a belt with exact dosing and efficient cooling. Capacity: 300 to 1500 kg/h.
Stand-Alone Machines
Stand-Alone Machines
Vermicelli extruders and croquant cooking systems integrate into production lines for turnkey solutions. Products include brittle and sugar-based masses for fillings and decorations.
Nougama Roaster
Nougama Roaster
Produces croquant brittle crumbs that are soft inside and crunchy outside, preserving nut flavor and extending shelf life. Ideal for chocolate fillings and decorations.
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